1.  增進學生之健康,訓練學生擁有良好的體適能,身體獲得全面的發展,並發展個人潛能

2.  培養學生高尚之品德、公正之態度、良好及進取的體育精神

3.  培養學生於團體中的責任感及提升學生自我管理的能力

4.  培養學生優美的體態,加強他們對優美動作、儀態的鑒賞力

5.  加強學生觀察、判斷、適應、創作等能力

6.  幫助學生建立積極、活躍及健康的生活方式

7.  培養學生自學態度及提升自學能力


1.  To enhance the health condition of students so that they can have all-round development and explore their own potential

2.  To nurture students with proper morality, and positive sportsmanship

3.  To help students develop responsibility in a team and enhance their self-management skills

4.  To help students develop their appreciation to graceful moves and deportment

5.  To enhance students’ skills in observation and judgment, adaptation and creativity

6.  To facilitate students to develop a positive, active and healthy lifestyle

7.  To help students develop their self-learning ability with a good attitude




Course overiews

We focus on three typesof controls for our P.1-2 students; they are physical controls, equipment controls and rhythmic controls. We have games which are related to three controls in lessons as well. For P.3-6 students, they have athletic activities, ball games, dancing and gymnastics in lessons. In order to explore potentials of our students, they will also have skipping classes and some other sports selected by P.E. teachers such as dodgeball, crickets, Kung Fu or dragon dance.



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