Computer 電腦


  1. 建立學生對資訊科技知識的興趣
  2. 提升學生使用資訊科技輔助學習的能力
  3. 建立學生透資訊科技展示所學知識
  4. 幫助學生發展資訊處理的技術
  5. 鼓勵學生發展自學精神
  6. 提昇學生對互聯網安全的警覺性


  1. Arouse students’interest in learning with Information Technology
  2. Raise students' ability in making use of IT tools to support learning
  3. Build up students’skills in presenting ideas through the application of IT
  4. Help students develop techniques in information processing
  5. Encourage students to nurture a spirit of self-learning
  6. Enhance students’awareness of internet security

教科書 Textbook:  Dr PC Family (e-book)




Computer Studies lessons are conducted in form of units, using e-platform. There are 3 stages in the curriculum. Students learn about software and basic operation (P.1-P.2); word processing, the Internet and PowerPoint (P.3-P.4) and image processing, excel and webpage making (P.5-P.6). In order to cultivate our students become responsible members of the world of technology and the society at large, the lessons also focus on appropriate attitude of using IT and critical thinking development. We have added interdisciplinary and real-life exercises and activities, so as to enable students to apply what they have learnt to real life.




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