Religious Studies 教義

Subject Aim:

This subject aims to promote harmony and fraternity by training students to respect for religions and cultures in multicultural society. Through Islamic moral education, students are able to understand the basic teachings of Islam and Muslims’way of life. It also help them to identify the relationship between religion, society and moral education. 

Book: Islamic Moral Education: Volume 1 – 12 

Course overview:

All the books used in Islamic moral education subject, serving both  Chinese and Non-Chinese students. There are 12 volumes of books and each contain practical moral values stories that enable students to be valueable human beings who can contribute their part in the society. In addition, all the students are taught in English thus enhancing their language ability.



Hadith Presentation Competition

Description :

Our school aims to uplift the awareness of lsamic education among students through the guidance of Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)
Students can practice their learnt knowledge and follow the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


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