VA 視藝




  • 培養創意及想像力
  • 發展技能與過程
  • 培養評賞藝術能力
  • 認識藝術情境



There are three main learning domains in the Visual Arts curriculum. They are Constructing Visual Arts Knowledge, Fostering Visual Arts Appreciation and Developing Visual Arts Making.

Through experiencing a wide range of visual arts activities, students can:

  • develop their creativity and imagination
  • develop their skills and processes     
  • cultivate critical responses            
  • understand arts in context           







Course overview:

In order to construct a balanced and comprehensive Visual Arts curriculum, the three learning domains are to be integrated using themes and topics. Students can broaden their visual arts learning experiences by:

  • exposing themselves to a wide range of visual arts works at the school campus
  • Participating in art appreciation learning appreciation such as observing artworks of the past and present, the masterpieces and their own artworks during the lessons.
  • performing self-evaluations and peer-evaluations
  • keeping their own portfolios
  • expressing their views and giving suggestions to others’ artworks in sharing sessions
  • participating in both internal and external competitions

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