GS 常識


  1. 保持健康的個人發展,成為充滿自信和富責任感的公民;
  2. 認識自己在家庭和社會所擔當的角色及應履行的責任;
  3. 培養對國民身份的認同感,並致力貢獻國家;
  4. 培養對自然及科技世界的興趣和好奇心;
  5. 關心及愛護周遭的環境。


The GS curriculum aims to enable students to:

  1. maintain a healthy personal development and become confident and responsible citizens
  2. recognize their roles and responsibilities as members of the family and society
  3. develop a sense of national identity and be committed to contributing to the nation
  4. develop curiosity and interest in the natural and technology world
  5. develop a care and concern for the environment

用書:   今日常識新領域 (教育出版社) (英文版)

Book:   New General Studies Pupil’s Book (Educational Publishing House Ltd)



  1.  專題研習週
  2.  科技日
  3.  時事展板
  4.  講座及參觀
  5.  大使訓練工作坊

Syllabus introduction:

To ensure our students get the most benefit from our GS curriculum, we promote their skills in: creativity, higher-order thinking ,  problem-solving skills, enquiry and independent learning by providing the following learnig opportunities:

  1.  Project Learning Weeks
  2.  Science and Technology Day
  3.  Board Display – News File
  4.  Talks and Visits
  5.  Ambassador Training workshops


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