Mathematics 數學


  1. 引起兒童對數學學習的興趣
  2. 啟發兒童的數學思考,培養兒童的創造能力
  3. 教授基本的數學概念及計算技巧,為中學的數學及科學的學習奠好基礎
  4. 讓兒童學習運用數學解決日常生活中的問題
  5. 誘導兒童對數學和圖形的規律及結構的欣賞


  1. To stimulate the interest of pupils in the learning of mathematics;
  2. To develop pupils’understanding and acquisition of basic mathematical concepts and computational skills;
  3. To develop pupils’creativity, and their ability to think, communicate and solve problems;
  4. To develop pupils’number sense and spatial sense, and their ability to appreciate patterns and To structures of number and shapes;
  5. To enhance pupils’lifelong learning abilities through basic mathematical knowledge.

用書: 現代教育出版社 廿一世紀數學(英文版)

Book: Modern Educational Research Society, Ltd. , 21st Century Modern Mathematics

課程介紹:  本校著重建立學生數學概念,透過實作、文字及圖像協助學生從而建立對符號的理解,令學生從具體走到概念層面,學好數學科。

Course overview:

Syllabus introduction: In order to build up student’s mathematics concept. We use ELPS approach (experience, language, picture and symbol )  to help student to learn. We found that is good for all students.

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