English 英文

The subject aims of English Language is for learners to develop an ever-improving capability to use English:

  1. To think and communicate
  2. To acquire, develop and apply knowledge
  3. To respond and give expression to experience and within these context, to develop and apply and ever-increasing understanding of how language is organized, used and learned

Textbook: Lighthouse for Hong Kong (Educational Publishing House, Ltd)

Syllabus Introduction:

There are two components to our English lessons, one is general English (GE lessons) and one is Primary Literacy Program-Reading and Writing (P.1-P.3). In the GE lessons, the overseas textbook “Lighthouse for Hong Kong” has been adopted to enrich students’ language learning experiences. Teachers will do textbook adaptations when planning their English lessons so as to make a school based curriculum that suits our students’ needs. Another component is PLP R/W. This program was launched by EDB and promotes students’ reading and writing skills in primary school. We have been doing this program for 8 years. As well as PLP-R/W, reading strategies are also enhanced through the use of readers.



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